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Visitor update: due to high demand, the marina is fully booked until the 15th of August. Our first available Saturday is the 3rd of September.


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Beaulieu River and Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour is part of Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd. Managed by a Harbour Master and a team of staff who are responsible for the 115 berth marina, boatyard, boat park and river. This includes up to 310 moorings mid-stream, navigational safety and environmental protection.

If you have a complaint or concern it should be addressed (in writing) to

Wendy Stowe
Harbour Master
Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour
Harbour Master’s Office
SO42 7XB
email wendy.stowe@beaulieu.co.uk

An acknowledgement will be sent within three working days and a full response to your complaint or concern will be provided within 20 working days or, where appropriate, it will be passed to the appropriate department within Beaulieu Enterprise Ltd.

If your complaint or concern is in regard to navigational safety, you may also wish to contact the Designated Person

Mark Robinson
Principle Consultant – MRMC
email mark@mrmc.co

The Designated Person is independent of the Harbour Master and Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd and is required to report any safety concerns to the River Board.

If you believe that your complaint or concern has not been answered to your satisfaction, you should write to

Russell Bowman
Managing Director, Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd
John Montagu Building
SO42 7ZN
email russell.bowman@beaulieu.co.uk